Jupiter Yantra

This Vedic Yantra provides immediate answers to your most day-to-day concerns and questions! However, to preserve the sanctity and spiritual integrity of this highly accurate Yantra, ONLY ONE QUESTION IS ALLOWED PER DAY!

Below is a list of Questions. Choose the one which is most important to you

  • Does he/she love me?
  • Is this the person that I am to marry?
  • Did my mate cheat on me?
  • Will I be successful in my personal life?
  • How will I fair today?
  • How will I fair this year?
  • Will I enjoy my vacation?
  • Will I pass the exam?
  • Will I pursue my education?
  • When will I purchase my home?
  • Will I be approved for the loan?
  • How long will this stress continue?
  • Should I get this tattoo?
  • Should I undergo this cosmetic procedure?
  • Will I recover from my illness?
  • Will I win my case in court?
  • Will I get custody of my children?
  • Will I get happiness from my children?
  • When will my child get married?
  • Will this baby be a healthy boy or girl?
  • Will my siblings and I get along?
  • When will he/she in my life be back?
  • Am I a beneficiary for a large inheritance?
  • How helpful will my friends be ?
  • Should I change my career?
  • When will I get the job?
  • Am I likely to be promoted?
  • From this quarter, will I get profit or loss?
  • Is this business venture worth while?
  • Will I get transferred/relocated?
  • Will this business trip become fruitful?
  • Will I be successful in my career?
  • When will I have favorable luck?
  • Will my wish come true?

Now think of your favorite god or religious symbol, and click on any one Number below. You will get an instant answer to your question!